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Faz Escuros nos Olhos [Dark in the Eye]

Dark in the Eyes is composed by texts of several authors, as Sergi Belbel, Sigmund Freud, Virginia Woolf and Howard Barker. Presents itself to the public as a cluster of independent stories linked by the same tone: the imbalance of human relations, now based in power, now trapped by a deficient communicability, potential violence generator.

Text collective selection

Director Rogério de Carvalho

Cast Ana Rosa Mendes, Daniel Martinho,

Gio Lourenço, Matamba Joaquim, Zia Soares

Light designer  Jorge Ribeiro

Photography Pauliana Valente Pimentel

Graphic designer Sílvio Rosado

Production Teatro GRIOT

Duration approx 1h 20min


There is no emotion, commitment, or characters in the traditional sense, or pieces of revealing texts, or a single happy fragment, just a stage, where actors in front of those who watch them, occupy that place where abuse has many faces. Director and actors built a play with multiple readings around the most primal expression of mankind: violence. Universal themes such as Family, War, Old Age, Childhood, Poverty, Money are transversal in this creation. 

The frameset seeks a cadence behind the targets and the effects of this omnipresent violence on the border between noise and silence.

Rogério de Carvalho, director

“ We live, constantly, in a universe of voices. We are bombarded with relentless voices. Voices that scream, whisper, cry, caress, threaten, implore, seduce, order, supplicate, pray, confess, terrorize, declare... But words speak when we confront them, in the infinite tonalities of the voice, when we covey meaning.

Not all voices are heard, even the most anguished and desperate might not be heard. Perhaps in the silence there is another more pressing voice, the internal voice, a voice which cannot be silenced."

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