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Ruínas [Ruined]

"Ruined" was written after a pilgrimage through Africa, where the author conducted countless interviews on a Ugandan refugee camp that sheltered Congolese women. This interaction gave rise to a portrait of women trapped in a devastating on-going tragedy. The setting is a brothel-bar in the rain forest of war-ridden Democratic Republic of Congo. The shrewd matriarch and owner of the place - Mama Nadi - protects and profits from the bodies of women that became a battlefield between governmental soldiers and rebel forces.

The play won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009. 

Text Lynn Nottage

Director António Pires

Cast Teatro GRIOT - Daniel Martinho,

Giovanni Lourenço, Matamba Joaquim,

ZiaSoares; João Araújo, Rafael Fonseca,

Selma Uamusse, Cheila Lima, Elizabeth Pinard,

Fernando Nobre, James dos Reis, Maxime,

Mistah Isaac e NBC

Original music  Filipe Raposo

Lyrics Kalaf

Scenography João Nunes

Costume designer Luís Mesquita

Illustration Joana Villaverde

Co-production Ar de Filmes / Teatro do Bairro

e São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Collaboration Teatro GRIOT

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